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Recording your dream & Services!


Recording >
Acoustics or Vocals sessions  are recorded at different studios we typically use high end studios. e.g the way studios in hackney london, the chairworks studios castleford. We are very flexible and have options  to fit your budget. A typical package will include studio record time  for about 2-4 hour and can fit up to 2 songs, we then mix and master in our in-house studios using great mixing desk Sony DMXr100 and IZ radar V digital recorders using software tools like Logic Studio and Protools and use the fantastic UAD plug-ins.


Recording your dream>
High quality production
at affordable prices,
packages for singer/writers
starting from as low as 250.00 gbp per day.

Packages include
recording Vocals
at a high end
studio in the UK

Promo 10% discount, please fill in your details below and we will contact you to discuss your music project.

Mixing >
We mix at our very own studios based on Logic Studio and also Protools Sofware. We use the Sony dmx r 100 digital console coupled with the fabulous Radar V – 48 track recorder, a host of  UAD  plugins and a number of soft synths

Mastering >
As your know mastering is complex and difficult task we can master at our studios or use some of the very best mastering houses in the world.

Archiving >
We offer cloud based remote backups and archiving of your musical work at modest prices.  Access your project backups anywhere in the world.

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