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Welcome to, we are a full service music production studio, utilizing industry standard DAWS  like Protools HD, Logic Studio and Reaper.  We offer Professional quality productions for a wide range of music genres. We dont just produce, we offer you end to end solutions from selling your songs on all the popular digital stores e.g Itunes, Spotify, Napster and Lycos Rhapsody to name a few, but also to provide you with content managed web presence, blogs and e-commerce.

We have a can do approach and will not compromise on quality, we often record Vocals, Drums  in top quality studios. We do however understand budget constraint that is why we tailor the project to include quality but not with a great price point by finalising all production in our custom built in house studios.

We have a wide range of quality musicians/beat makers and DJ’s available,  this enables us to always offer what is current if required but also any of the old school styles that add flavour.

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